Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4chan and Operations

I've been lurking 4chan more than usual lately, and I've been noticing large amounts of operations going on. Honestly, I can't tell if they're oldfags trying to make a difference, or newfags trying to look like oldfags. This kinda pisses me off, because 90% of these operations are pointless. I admit, firing teh laz0rs is fun and all, but it honestly makes no difference. We end up on teh news, and teh people(who we're trying to convince) call us internet terrorists. These newfags give 4chan a bad name. I know some of you will disagree, but I know there are oldfags out there who has the same view as me.

ALSO, earlier on 4chan, I was dumping stoner comics. Here's the link to downloading 87 stoner comics.
But, I think there's one duplicate, so it's really 86 comics... hehe
And just for lols, here's a link to downloading 87 troll physics.